Cannabis Pollen

A fine, powdery substance produced by the sperm cells of a male cannabis plant. Pollen is created and released by male plants through pollen sacs, and then it flies through the air and pollinates female plants. The female will then produce seeds that include both male and female plant DNA.

CBD Cannabis Pollen


Flowers are produced by both male and female cannabis plants, but only the males generate pollen sacs (unless the plant is a hermaphrodite). Pollen is released as a male cannabis flower grows and blooms. Pollen is easily transmitted from one female plant to another by air, and because it is so light, even the tiniest breeze is enough to spread it far and wide.

Pollen from cannabis plants carries all of the genetic information needed to create new seeds. When male pollen settles on a female reproductive organ (pistils), the female plant is fertilized, and seeds begin to form inside its blooms. The seeds that result are a genetically distinct hybrid of both parents.



Cannabis pollen is extracted from the plant’s trichomes, which are then heated and compacted. The end product, in the form of a ball that resembles a little pebble, is obtained as a result of this operation. 

The trichomes are difficult to distinguish from other plant elements, such as leaves and flowers, near the head. As a result, the extraction method has a significant impact on the product’s quality. It’s fairly uncommon to come across low-quality products that can’t be compacted into a ball. This is owing to the presence of too many leaf and bud fragments within the extract. Plant selection, extraction procedure, and screening quality are all factors that influence the end product’s quality. The originating plant has a significant impact on the quality and ultimate composition of cannabis pollen.



Seeds are made from pollen. Pollen is what causes cannabis plants to reproduce in the wild. Breeders can now create new strains as a result of this. Breeders can create distinct and unique colors, flavors, and fragrances by crossing two separate strains. This is accomplished by fertilizing the buds of one strain with pollen from the other.



Pre-flowers will reveal whether they are clearly male or female. These pre-flowers will appear between their nodes, which are the points where the stalk’s leaves and branches emerge. The pre-flower of a male plant is a pollen sac, which carries pollen, while the pre-flower of a female plant is a stigma, which gathers pollen. Pollen sacs are little, spherical balls that grow at the nodes of the plant. The stigma, on the other hand, has small white or pink hairs sprouting out of it. 

The pre-flowers of a female plant may first resemble pollen sacs, albeit they are a little pointier, so give the plants at least 6 weeks before deciding which ones are beneficial and which are not. Pre-flowers appear before they begin to serve their reproductive functions, however they are not always simple to spot with the human eye. If your plants’ pre-flowers are really little, you may need to use a small magnifying glass to determine whether they are pollen sacs or stigmas.



Male cannabis plants are used to breed new strains or for breeding purposes. Pollen can be collected, kept, and utilized to pollinate female plants for the purpose of breeding new strains.

Pollen is usually injected halfway through the flowering cycle of the female plant. Pollen should be stored in an airtight container away from moisture, heat, and light for up to three months in the fridge or a year in the freezer.

Allow pollen to warm to room temperature for several minutes before using it. Pollen should generate seeds in just under a week if applied to the buds of a plant you want to pollinate. It should take 3-5 weeks for the seed to fully mature.

Allow the seeded buds to dry for up to two weeks before harvesting the seeds, and then dry the seeds for another 3-4 weeks at 60-70°F in a cool, dry, dark environment. They will then be ready for germination.



There are two methods for collecting pollen from male cannabis plants.

The first step is to carefully remove male pollen sacs as they open, drying them on grease-proof paper or foil before placing them in a ziplock bag. Shake the bag to get the pollen from the male flower to fall out. Tweezers can then be used to remove any remaining plant material.

The second approach is to place the ziplock bag right over the opening pollen sacs on the male plant, close the bag over the stem, then shake or flick the branch to collect the pollen.



Moisture is the most crucial consideration while keeping cannabis pollen. Pollen will germinate and become useless if moisture gets into the storage container.

To assist in protecting and preserving the pollen grains, cooking flour can be added to the bag. Any moisture present in the bag will be absorbed by the flour. If you add flour to the pollen, you may freeze it for up to a year; just make sure the bag is packed in a good freezer bag or container.

If you’re concerned about moisture in the pollen, you can always set it out to dry for a day or two before storing it. This should be done in a location where the pollen won’t be swept away by a breeze or draught.

  • Closes all windows and turns off all fans.
  • Using greaseproof oven paper or foil, spread the pollen out.
  • Set the temperature to 20-24°C and the relative humidity to 50-55%.
  • Allow it to dry for 24-48 hours in the dark.
  • Using a clean brush, collect the leaves and store them in an airtight container.


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