Hemp Sustainability and Responsible Manufacturing


-Hemp provides a variety of nutrients that are important to the human body.

-The plant is tough and simple to grow organically.

-It is an excellent agricultural rotation crop.

-It helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

-It has the potential to replace wood in the manufacture of paper.

-The crop is simple to grow in a variety of climates.

What we can do with a hectare of hemp:

-Enough CBD to support 116 customers for a year

-Hemp seed (one ton) (commonly known as a superfood and health supplement)

-Cattle feed (one ton)

-Biofuel (one ton)


We help organic hemp cultivation and local farmers. The hemp plants used to produce Endoca CBD are pesticide and chemical free.

Organic land is not always easy to come by, and many farmers currently use pesticides and chemicals in their crop production.

Our vision is a world where food is grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Working with farmers who want to move to organic farming is part of our mission as we expand as a business.

We assist them by supplying hemp plants as part of their first organically grown crop rotation. This aids in the purification of their soil in preparation for next year’s harvest.

This phase takes time, but we all know that something good takes time. We may help these farmers avoid pesticides by assisting them in going pesticide-free.
If the soil has been purified by the first round of plants planted and harvested, it is eventually able to impact the earth, even if just acre by acre.

We source our natural ingredients from local suppliers; the chicle gum we use in our chewing gum and the high-quality ingredients we use in our skincare are all sustainably sourced.


Endoca manufactures products from certified organic cannabis (hemp) plants that are grown and cultivated without the use of herbicides or pesticides. We have our own seed bank as well as our own breeding program. This means that we not only cultivate the plants ourselves, but we also harvest and process them in accordance with our strict Endoca quality control programs. What else is there? We use equipment that we designed and constructed ourselves.

As of now, our hemp plants are 100 percent organic, with no genetically modified products or unnatural chemicals. Cutting corners in organic production may save a little money and a little time, but it is ultimately self-defeating. Why ruin a healthy, organic start only to end up with chemicals and artificial fillers? We are committed to making a fully organic product. After all, you don’t want to put unnecessary chemicals into your body.

We are working hard to create a sustainable village surrounding our manufacturing site that is fully self-sufficient. It’s a place where organic food is grown and where everything we need is made. We’ll go beyond just being ‘organic,’ implementing true permaculture concepts to ensure full sustainability.


We’ve already begun to make strides toward our sustainability target, having already introduced a method for collecting atmospheric CO2 particles and recycling them into an all-natural plant wash. CO2 washing is a relatively new technology, but we’ve welcomed it for its effectiveness as well as its complete absence of contaminants. To generate the highest CBD hemp oil, our plants only associate with organic and sustainable elements.


From the beginning, we at Endoca have advocated for a sustainable revolution. We are not interested in past unsustainable systems. Rather, we want to work for a future that is fully sustainable.

Endoca has always assumed that in order to improve the world, we must set a good example. Endoca’s goal is to demonstrate that we can exist in harmony without poisoning ourselves or the environment.

We place a high value on environmental sensitivity. That is why our harvesters operate on food industry waste oil. Our processing practices are also environmentally friendly since we use CO2 from the air you breathe rather than chemicals or solvents. This enables us to achieve an extremely high degree of purity in our hemp oils.

Our top priorities are your wellbeing and the health of the world. We use any leftover production material as cattle feed because it contains trace amounts of CBD and decreases the need for antibiotics. Any waste that cannot be reused is transformed into biogas, which can be used to generate electricity or heat.

The use of solar energy as a renewable source of electricity for our facility would be our next major move. We want to demonstrate that 100% sustainable practices work, and we want you to join us in our mission to make the planet a healthier place.

That applies to the entire method, not just the developing. We hold to our weapons from the time the seeds are planted in the ground until the finished product is packaged.